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aroma AMSTERDAM solid incense 10ml

wax mixture with pentyl nitrite


The best-selling Amsterdam popper, now as a solid popper.

Being a mixture of poppers and wax, the stuff only works when you want it to, instead of it dissolving into thin air. This gives you complete control over your incense experience. 

You only have to open the jar and rub the solid incense to begin your sensual adventure! 

These poppers are extremely innovative and will revolutionise the way we have fun… And: the aluminium jar is extremely sturdy and small enough to accompany you on all your adventures, which will surely be amazing thanks to Ecstasy Solid Incense!

Attention! Product is sensitive to heat, do not store above 8 ° Celsius.

- How should we used it?

It is necessary to activate the surface of the solid poppers before every use. The molecule of pentyl is coated in some wax. To free the poppers, it is enough to shake the surface of the product with the finger or a tool ( key-spoon- paper) in a circular movement. Once the wax shaken, is used in the same way as liquid Poppers.


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Pentyl nitrite
pentyl nitrite

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