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Hi ,

we want to share with you an opportunity to earn money online with international technology company.

We´ve found it really revolutionary - unique system using the latest technologies available to everyone!

As you noticed, we started accepting Bitcoin here cca 2 years ago, due to card payment cancellation.

We´ve been using  BTC for buying stuff online and also wanted to invest it somehow. But it´s quite hard as you enter Forex or leave your money / crypto with brokers.

We´ve been ripped off once and lost money a few times - that´s inevitable experience.

So we started to look for other possibility how to trade independently - but needed to get knowledge.

We were introduced to fast growing international technology company, who offers revolutionary system how to make mone online. There are more ways how to start earning online:

1) Trading - company offer about 8 applications and platforms where we learn how to trade. They have professional experienced traders who give us trading signals for buy/sell in different markets. We can trade with crypto, binary options, Forex, Indices market and other.

You can learn and start trading in about 2 months

You trade ON YOUR OWN, using YOUR trading account and YOUR money.

Company provide us with knowledge, applications and support.

2) Travel - company have travel portal with up to 75% discount prices compared to and other portals.

They offer worldwide destinations in all kinds of accomodation and other services.

You can offer these discounts as an independent travel agent and keep a commission, also you can use it for your own travel.

3) Affiliate system - company have robust compensation plan, you can start almost straight away, if you have loads of friends or contacts.

Some people use only this option as they don´t want to trade or use travel portal. It´s suitable for people with lot of contact or MLM background.

We started this month (1st August 2022) with the aim to trade with cryptocurrencies and synthetic indices.

This option is suitable for you, if you´re keen to learn new stuff and are OK with numbers and graphs.

Big advantage - you can work everywhere using your mobile, all company applications are from Google / Apple store.

Trading gets much easier then - just copy and paste signals from company´s traders and AI.

Company works in about 190 countries worldwide - including USA, Canada, Middle East and South America.

Europe market is at the beginning - Austria cca 3 years, Slovakia 2 years and now Czech republic has just started. 

We see it as big opportunity for the future as we can work online from home /wherever with internet connection.

And especially now in post-covid fucked up world:-))

Here are official links to website and company videos for you - just have a look and make up your mind:-)

1) Company ecosystem

2) Company introduction

3) Company offices in Dubai

4) Company opportunity for everyone